Philosophy and Goals

Village Montessori is dedicated to provide a well- prepared environment that holds true to Dr. Maria Montessori’s method of early childhood education.

Village Montessori respects and nurtures each child’s individuality and provides a secure, loving and stimulating environment. Our focus is geared toward the developmental needs of children ages 2.5 to 6.

We are privately owned and operated by a certified Montessori teacher. We do not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, color, creed or religion.

Our overall goal is to develop, within the young child, a very realistic and strong sense of independence and self-reliance in a loving, stable, and protective environment. We are dedicated to assist the child over time to become confident and trust in themselves, as well as other members of the group. They will learn by self-discovery. They will learn to share and cooperate with others. They will have the opportunity to develop a wholesome spirit of independence and initiative, as well as become a functional, loving, and caring member of society.

We welcome parental interactions and volunteering with cultural activities, and we share many celebrations as a community. Our goal is to work in partnership with our parents to make this pre-school experience a success for all involved.