Village Montessori Children’s House


Welcome to our school

The Montessori preschool classroom or the Children’s House is a “living room” for children. Children choose their work from among self-correcting materials displayed on open shelves, and they work in specific work areas. Over a period of the time, the children develop into a “normalized community,” working with concentration and few interruptions. Normalization is the process whereby a child moves from being undisciplined to self-disciplined, from disordered to ordered, from distracted to focused, through work in the prepared environment. The process occurs through repeated work with materials that captivate the child’s attention. For some this inner change may take place quite suddenly, leading to deep concentration. In the Montessori preschool, academic competency is a means to an end, and manipulative are viewed as “materials for development.”

Village Montessori is a small school that provides a home like environment. The school is operating out of a residential dwelling in the Lake Grove neighborhood, on a large wooded lot with a children’s garden. This added benefit enables us to offer to our children the many outdoor classroom activities that come with each season of the year. The facility, in its entirety, is dedicated for school activities. ┬áVillage Montessori offers before and after school childcare.

The preschool environment unifies the social, physical, and intellectual functioning of the child. It’s important function is to provide children with an early and general foundation that includes a positive attitude toward school, inner security and a sense of order, pride in the physical environment, abiding curiosity, a habit of concentration, habits of initiative and persistence, the ability to make decisions, self-discipline, and a sense of responsibility to other members of the class, school and community. This foundation will enable them to acquire more specialized knowledge and skills throughout their school career.

Village Montessori is a well prepared environment that is focused on the child’s individual pace of learning. We follow the child and believe that;

“There is nothing in the intellect that was not first in someway in the senses”

– Aristotle